When asked what he’s thankful for at the end of the day Samuel usually responds with things like giraffes, elephants, meerkats, fire trucks, train cars, ambulances, etc.  Can you tell he’s a boy and he likes the zoo? (:  Sometimes he throws in Mama and/or Baba or something random in the room that happens to catch his eye. He also likes to add in “people of Asia” because it’s something we pray for a lot. Any which way, we’re trying to teach him to count his blessings, something we can all do more of.  We always have a lot to be thankful for.  Below is a list, one for every day of November through Thanksgiving, that I’m thankful for:
1. God.
2. The salvation God so lovingly extended to me.
3. That I am never alone because of my relationship with my Father in heaven.
4. My dear husband Toffer, my one true love.
5. Samuel-my sweet, sensitive, energetic, amazing first born son
6. Benjamin-my super cute second born son who has just started calling me “Mama”
7. My parents-who loved me, raised me, and taught me that loving the Lord and following Him should always be number one.
8. My one and only brother (who I have great admiration for) and his wonderful family
9. My grandparents-I look forward to seeing all of them in heaven again.
10. All of Toffer’s family
11. Friends near and far
12. The opportunity to live overseas and declare God’s love in Asia (when we finally get there!)
13. Living in a country where it’s legal to meet with other Christians, own a Bible and Christian resources, pray, and worship the God I love as I please.
14. All of the stretching and growing God has done in my life this year
15. Our church-New Vision Baptist
16. All of the things God has called me to or allowed in my life that have shaped me and made me into the person I am today.
17. The beach-I know all of God’s creation is beautiful and majestic, I’m just partial to the parts of it where sand and ocean meet.
18. The desire God is giving me for a simpler life, especially when it comes to things
19. The legacy of faith I have in my family-generations before me have loved their God with all their hearts and I am so blessed to be part of that.
20. Pictures-We have literally thousands. I’m so grateful to have so many moments captured.
21. Clothes and shoes for our whole family in correct sizes
22. Having two vehicles for our household
23. Conveniences of life-things like grocery stores that have items like butchered meat so I don’t have to chop the head of the chicken myself and a washing machine so I don’t have to hand-wash dirty diapers.
24. Having a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in-we have more than we even want (something we’re working on) and feel overwhelmed at times with God’s generosity
25. On a day that is all about the food–that I have never once in my life come close to having to wonder what it’s like to actually, truly be hungry. And that God has given us opportunities to help those who do know what it’s like to truly be hungry.