Counting Blessings

Last year I wrote a post about the things I was thankful for-one thing for every day of the month of November from the first to Thanksgiving Day.  This year I’ll do a list-one thing for every day of the entire month of November.  And here it is in no particular order…

1. Our gracious, loving God and the amazing, saving grace He extended to me
2. Toffer-I could go on and on about the wonderful man God gave me as a husband
3. My dear children-Samuel, Benjamin, and Tadpole
4. Our families
5. Our Friends, especially the ones who have made an effort to reach out to us since we moved
6. Training-I will always be thankful and grateful for the 3 weeks we spent at MTI and the people we spent that time with.
7. The organization we serve with
8. Our team here in Southeast Asia-they’ve been invaluable during the past month and a half
9. Our house-there’s space for the kids to play including a large patio outside and we even have an oven that fits the 9 x 13 dishes we brought from the US
10. Our car-it’s big enough for our family (most vehicles here aren’t) and is even a manual!
11. Internet-I know opinions differ on the internet and ways of connecting on it, but in our situation we’re very thankful for it because it’s our only connection to people in the US right now
12. A complication-free pregnancy (so far, which is longer than we got with either of the boys)
13. A natural-birthing advocate doctor who will let me have the birth I want
14. My boys wanting to listen to or sing “One True God” by NewSong when we live in a country where most people worship false gods
15. My boys like to pray and Samuel sometimes asks to pray for very sweet or deep things, not just thanking God for toys (though that has come up a couple times (:  )
16. Our faithful prayer warriors
17. Our faithful supporters
18. The import grocery store that carries some tasty treats from home and makes good bread that’s cheap
19. Living in a gated community with guards that is less expensive with a larger home than other places we looked at and it’s a small, safe community
20. Thunderstorms-Samuel is not fond of them, but they bring a much needed cool to the air and some of the lightning is incredible
21. Lots of good good-byes in the US before coming here
22. Our week of family time the first week of October-we NEEDED that time to be together and to shift gears after so many good-byes and leaving everything we’ve ever known
23. Humility and learning more and more how little I deserve God’s love and how much I really need Him
24. “Verses”-memorizing with Samuel and new things God has shown me
25. That friends bought some of our things before we moved and will make their own memories with them
26. All the places in Murfreesboro we loved and miss
27. Our home church in Murfreesboro
28. Seeing all of our siblings within the last few months before we moved and most within the last few weeks and getting to see so much family this year
29. That we invested in our lives in the US up until the moment we got on the plane
30. Being in God’s timing and not our own
31. Good last holidays in the US (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter) over the past year