My Supernatural Week

A friend shared a blog with me about a mom who had a supernatural day where God stretched every bit of her to get WAY more done than was humanly possible. I responded to my friend and said I needed a whole week of supernatural days. Well, God being God and being involved in my life read that little tweet and decided to give me that supernatural week.  That Twitter exchange was on 7 October.  My supernatural week started on 8 October.

Benjamin has been interested in potty training and we finally found the right time to get started.  We would do things similar to the way we did when we started with Samuel, so knew we needed a few days just at home. The first day was going to be today-16 Oct. In preparation I was going to make extra food last week to freeze for this week so I wouldn’t have as much cooking to do this week and I could focus on Benjamin.  So Days 1 & 2 of my supernatural week God gave me the ability to shop, prep, and cook like I couldn’t believe.  For those of you who don’t have three small children-preparing a meal at all is a seemingly miraculous feat, much less multiple meals per day for a couple days and even a cake for a teammate’s birthday. Not only were meals getting made I had laundry going like crazy and couldn’t believe how everything was just coming together so well. God is good.

Wednesday (Day 3) our plans were are follows: art class for the boys (which had just started back the week previous and we missed because Benjamin had been sick), team meeting where we would celebrate Samuel’s birthday and our teammate’s birthday, I had a serving opportunity with our church, and that was the anniversary of when we arrived in Asia, so we were going to have a celebratory dinner.  Those plans came crashing down at 1 am (within an hour of when we landed here a year previous) when Samuel came in and said he’d gotten sick in his bed.  Thank God I had laundry caught up so I could start in with the sick laundry.  Samuel got quite sick quite fast and by 9 am we decided to give him one last shot of keeping something down before taking him to the doctor.  Toffer dropped off the aforementioned cake (who wants a cake to go to waste?) and let our team know what was going on, then loaded Samuel and Isaac in the car so I could take them while Toffer stayed at home with Benjamin.

We decided to take the recommendation of a friend and try a small children’s hospital (when I say small, I mean small–they have space for maybe 20 patients).  From the time we got in the door to when Samuel was admitted and in a room was just over half an hour.  The doctor kept saying how difficult it was to find Samuel’s veins and how hard an iv was going to be to be place. Miraculously the doctor got it in on the first try without a problem.  Some friends picked up Toffer and Benjamin and brought them to the hospital and the next few days of our lives were about our sick Samuel, and eventually our sick Isaac. Samuel was diagnosed with typhoid that day and Isaac began showing symptoms overnight that night and all the next day–day 4 of my supernatural week.  Samuel was in hospital for three days and two nights.

I spent those days keeping up with Benjamin and Isaac and our home.  Supernaturally I was able to get dishes done, laundry washed/dried/folded/put away, the boys down for naps and bed at reasonable times, and try to keep family and friends updated about what was going on.  The most supernatural part of the whole thing was the actual physical peace I could feel all over my body as I did everything that needed to be done.  I will say my stress levels were VERY high and that I had a couple rough moments, but in the midst of everything I wasn’t overwhelmed with fear and overwhelmed by what needed to be done-I just did it. Days 3 through 5 were not what I had been thinking of when I asked for a supernatural week, but they were incredible.

Days 6 and 7 were spent primarily at home-continuing to get things accomplished in our home, get Samuel back and forth to the hospital for treatments, keep up with all the medications Isaac and Samuel needed, and find moments to love on Benjamin, who was so sweet and helpful through much of the process (though had his moments as we all did-it was stressful).  And it all came to a close this past Sunday evening when Toffer texted me a picture of Samuel with no iv in his hand-a completion of a supernatural week.

God is good all the time.  Our plans for everything from Wednesday forward got thrown out the window when Samuel got sick and even more so when Isaac got sick.  Samuel is his usual self, though he could use a little extra sleep. And Isaac is almost back to his usual self.  Benjamin thankfully never got sick, nor did I. And through it all our great God supernaturally charged our family to get it all done and come through in one piece.

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