I Have Hope

Tragedy seems to be the only thing that news stories are about these days.  The top billing on news websites isn’t usually about new puppies or how a mom is rejoicing over her kid going poo in the potty (this mom is!).  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a news website that’s all GOOD news? All about new puppies and kids going through rites of passage and Friday night girls’ nights and even an article by an introvert about how incredible it was to sit in a quiet room alone for an hour.  We might not have a website like that, but at this time of year I certainly know GOOD news we can focus on-Jesus!

In a world that seems hopeless I am choosing to look towards my hope, towards Jesus.

I have hope that people who pray in mosques and lay flowers for deities and who burn paper iPads and BMW’s for their ancestors will find the living, true God because I know that can happen right where they are.

I have hope that every trip Toffer or one of our teammates goes on will result in people coming to Christ and having hope anew in their own lives.

I have hope that at this time of year people worldwide will see and hear what the true meaning of Christmas is and they will bend a knee as the shepherds did.

I have hope that those who follow Christ will follow with abandon and do extraordinary things like Mary and Joseph.

I have hope that everyone who loves Jesus will be like the star of Bethlehem leading those around them to their source of light and love.

I have hope that angels around us are singing of the magnificence of God and somehow people on Earth will hear it.

I have hope that Christmas will be a time for generosity and extending ourselves into this dark, hopeless world.

I have hope because God is in all, He sees all, His hand touched every life on earth and He has promised that all who truly seek Him will find Him.

I have hope because this world is dark and I know the Light.