Homesick, Kings-Sick, We’re All Sick!

Samuel was been asking to tear down our closest big box store/hypermarket to put in a Toot’s.  The first time it was cute and funny.  A month into him asking almost every day we see that it’s more than just a tasty meal that he wants. A couple weeks ago he told me he wanted to quit living here and go back to America. I asked why. He told me that he wanted to live in America where there aren’t monkeys.  He usually loves the hunt for monkeys.  And then a few days ago he mentioned how he was going to marry a girl back home who he used to talk about all the time, but hasn’t mentioned much recently.  He also keeps asking for snow, a cool wind, anything indicating the weather will be different than the weather we have experienced almost everyday for the past two years.

All of this dovetailed right in with some things I’ve been feeling.  Not long ago I posted on Facebook some things God had given us from home.  A friend from college who is from the country we reside in and currently lives in the capital commented that I made it sound like we live in some remote outpost instead of the lovely city we live in.  We do live in a lovely city. I tried to figure out why it mattered we had gotten these things from home. And then it struck me–I’m homesick.  So are my sweet Samuel and my favorite Toffer.

Toffer traveled more than usual May through the beginning of August and our kids kept getting sick, meaning that I spent A LOT of time in our house.  A number of our friends and most of our teammates went home for the summer, meaning I had little connection to adults.  We had to say good-bye to friends who we may never see again. And we just miss things from home.

We haven’t seen “home” in almost two years.  As much as we’re homesick right now we also know there are people in the US who are “Kings-sick.”  The wonderful people who love us and miss us and want an opportunity to be in the same 200 square feet as us, but are as committed as we are to people in Asia hearing the Gospel.  The people who comply with our inane requests for things like seasoning packets and Hot Tamales and pens we can’t get here. The ones who make an effort to Skype, call or send text messages (if you have a smartphone-get Whatsapp and you can be one of those text message people).  We’re thankful for those people, we couldn’t be here without them, and we’re very much looking forward to seeing them next fall.

Our homesickness will subside as it always does.  We have a little over a year left until we are temporarily reunited with the beauty, and seasons, of Tennessee and the great expanse of the United States of America. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-we would not be living this life if we weren’t 100% certain that we were where God wants us.  I keep going knowing God is near our broken hearts and knowing that the eternal treasure we’re building in heaven matters.

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