So this post is a little late seeing as our newest lad is about a month old, but late is better than never.  We are excited to announce that God gave our family another boy who we named Daniel John. Yes, that means we have FOUR boys five and under.  We’re still wrapping our heads around the fact that six years ago I was pregnant with Samuel and here we are today with four boys.  Labor was a little longer than expected (over 24 hours from start to delivery), but it was completely natural and ended in a water birth, which was an interesting experience and made his birth much different than the others.  He was our largest baby at birth (over 9 pounds) and has grown quite a bit in the weeks since.  He’s a sweet, content baby.  The older three boys love him and have adjusted very well to having another person in the house.

Years ago we didn’t know how God would build our family-if biological children were even an option for us or if we’d have all adopted children or some of each or if God would call us to a childless marriage. And even when we had one we didn’t know if we would have more or how they would be added to our family.  Well, God made His plans clear with four boys given to us each just at the right time over the past six years.  I don’t know why God gave us four boys in six years and we have friends our age who long to be married with children and aren’t or have wanted kids for the past six years while we’ve added one after another.  I do know that we are very thankful for the children we have. We know that having children is a great responsibility and a great joy.  Our house is chaotic and we don’t get as much sleep as we might like, but we LOVE having four boys and thank God daily for them.