If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Don’t Say Anything At All

I was checking out at the grocery store the other day and had to do a lot to keep my mouth shut. The girl who was scanning all my items, I’ll call her Checkout Girl, was talking to another girl who appeared to work in the deli or bakery, I’ll call her Bakery Girl.  So Bakery Girl started in about how Christmas is SO important to her. She just HAS to have the day off from work. And the way she was going to make sure she had the day off was to tell her boss that it’s a religious holiday and she needs it off for her religion.  She kept going on and on, laughing the whole time about how she was going to get the day off for religion and if she says it’s for her religion they HAVE to let her take the day off. She got Checkout Girl going, too, and they had a jolly time laughing about how Bakery Girl was going to take Christmas off for her “religion.”  It took a lot for me not to yell


And to not continue on about how Christmas is about Jesus and not whether or not she has the day off.  {Then indignantly stomp off in a huff because I was SO offended by her yucking it up.}

I kept my mouth shut, paid for my groceries, smiled at the girl who was bagging groceries listening to the whole exchange while also keeping her mouth shut, then went home and whined to Toffer about the preposterous conversation and how I wouldn’t likely hear something similar in Asia. I’m glad I kept my mouth shut. I think we can all agree that yelling at Bakery Girl and Checkout Girl would not have been the best way to tell them about the wondrous birth of our Savior.  In hindsight, of course, I wish I had spoken truth in love to them and told them how…

Those who are hungry will be fed for Jesus is the Bread of Life.

Those who are thirsty will be quenched for Jesus is Living Water.

Those who are tired will find renewal for Jesus brings Rest.

Those who are weary will find their loads lightened for His Burden is Light.

Those who are mourning will be comforted for Jesus Weeps with Them.

Those who are seeking Him will find Him here for He is Emmanuel, God with Us.

Those who are experiencing discord will be calmed for Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

Those who are lost will find directions for He is The Way.

Those who are confused will be re-focused for He is The Truth.

Those who are dying will be reborn for He is The Life.

Those who need redemption will find it because Jesus is our SAVIOR.


Christmas is a special and holy day set apart to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Emmanuel who came to dwell among us and save us.  My prayer is that God will give me words to say to anyone else I may encounter, words of kindness and truth that reflect this auspicious occasion of Christmas. And that somehow Bakery Girl and Checkout Girl would see the truth themselves of this “religious” holiday and celebrate it for what it truly is.

Merry Christmas!