Our Father Rejoices with Joy

When I found out I was pregnant again I panicked….A LOT! Oh. My. Word. What if this baby is a girl????  I’ve never been one of those women who longed for a baby girl, who would only feel fulfilled in life if she raised a girl, or four. Girls just haven’t been on my radar. I have four boys and I LOVE being a boy mom. So there I was, pregnant and clearly something inside me knew this was different.  So I journaled and I prayed. I prayed frequently and fervently that God would give me a love for whoever this child was that I was carrying. That no matter what I would want to be this little ones mom and love him or her just like I love my boys.

The birth story with this pregnancy is long and complicated. If you want to know, I’ll gladly share. I’m just not much for doing that here.  We were in the delivery room and the doctor handed me this baby, moved away the cord and I saw we had a GIRL! A very blue and not breathing girl, but a GIRL! Waves of both great concern and huge amounts of love rushed over me. The cord was cut quickly, our pediatrician was called down and thankfully our little girl cried her first cry shortly after.

And then I got to really hold her.  The first picture of me with her is me full-on ugly crying, but they were tears of joy, tears of relief, tears of thankfulness that God had answered my prayer. He gave us a girl. A beautiful, wonderful, sweet, amazing little girl. I never knew how much I wanted a girl until He gave me this one.  I’m still not sold on being a “girl mom,” but I’m completely sold on being this girl’s mom.

Her four older brothers love and adore her.  We are smitten and love her more than words will ever express. God knew what our family needed when our family needed it. And so, in early March, we welcomed our very first daughter, Miss Abigail Joy.